Clinical Research Associates

To ensure the success of your clinical trial, it is vital to have an experienced, high trained team that is capable of ensuring that quality data is consistently delivered. At G&L Scientific, our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are experienced in a variety of therapeutic areas and have the expertise and training to effectively manage your clinical data.

G&L Scientific Clinical Research Associates have the following skills:

  • Trained in ICH/GCP guidelines, as well as local regulations, the Code of Federal Regulations and the EU Clinical Trial Directive
  • Developing and writing trial protocols
  • Presenting trial protocols to steering committees
  • CRF design
  • Coordinating with ethics committees
  • Managing regulatory authority applications and approvals
  • Work with clinical sites to assess the level of interest in the protocol, as well as to identify issues that may affect recruitment, execution and/or patient retention
  • Review the competitive landscape to identify other clinical trials vying for the same or similar patient populations
  • Identifying/selecting investigators
  • Setting up the trial sites
  • Preparing final reports and manuscripts for publication

At G&L Scientific, were committed to quality, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the research process. As part of this commitment, we continue to look for ways to reduce costs and ensure quality data for our clients. With the right clinical sites and highly-trained CRAs, your clinical trials will be in safe hands.