We are a flexible, fast-moving, busy place to work and are looking for positive team players who want to join in and get involved. Being part of the G&L team involves working as a consultant on diverse projects for our wide range of clients. You’ll always be doing something different and you’ll never get pigeon-holed!

We know that the fast lane isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something you’d relish, SUBMIT YOUR CV or view our OPEN PROJECTS.

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Join the G&L Family

G&L Scientific was founded, and is still run, by best friends and brothers-in-law Peter and Stephen. Their friendship sets the tone for our whole organisation. Want to phone the CEO or Managing Director? No problem! They’ve always got time to chat to you.

Peter and Stephen are hands-on with our business. But they also care about our lives as much as our work. Personal wellbeing is a core value, and work-life balance is a focus for everyone. Birthdays, weddings and babies are all celebrated. At G&L, everyone is made to feel like part of the family.

Play Hard, Work Hard

We believe an enjoyable working environment brings out your professional best. We have bagel Fridays, ice-cream Wednesdays, summer working hours — and the occasional glass of something fizzy to celebrate a job well done!

Politics, bullying, inequality, glass ceilings, blame and negativity just don’t exist at G&L. Our offices are full of camaraderie, idea-sharing and mutual support.

Our Meritocracy Culture

At G&L, recognition and progression are based on merit alone. We are firm believers that career advancement should be based on performance and achievement. We don’t count how many years’ experience our people have clocked-up before considering them for promotion – it’s all about rewarding those who deserve it.

If the company is doing well, then our people reap the rewards with our company-wide profit share scheme. Anyone who has contributed to the success of our business is eligible – it’s all part of celebrating a job well done.

Hierarchy? What Hierarchy?

At G&L, we welcome everyone’s input; whatever your job title, we will listen to you.  Juniors and seniors alike contribute to our business.  The best ideas come from people who have great imaginations – so we have experts and newbies working together, using experience and enthusiasm to create and innovate.

Training & Development

To make sure we’re always at the cutting edge of our industry, we provide training, and encourage our people to learn new skills. This may be project-specific, an upcoming innovation in the industry, or even something you’re particularly interested in. We then encourage the student to become the teacher, and share what they’ve learnt with the rest of the company.

Live Life to the Full

Work can be a busy place, and many of our team throw themselves into projects completely. So, we offer a small, flexible budget each month for those other jobs which you might not have the time or energy to complete. You can choose how to spend this — get your lawn mown, your house cleaned, or your clothes laundered… Whatever helps your month go a little more smoothly.

All our employees receive a whole month’s sabbatical after five years. We feel that half a decade of loyal service merits a decent break, to allow our people to spend time with their families, explore creative opportunities — or work on their tan!

Live Life to the Full

Spread the Happiness

Our business is best when our employees are happy — you’re at work for too many hours not to enjoy it. Our people are more than just business commodities. We really value your emotional and creative sides too.

Having positive, satisfied, motivated people working on our projects means that our clients get a gold-standard service.