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G&L hits the mark for quality management

March 30, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality compliance, G&L Scientific is delighted to announce that we have recently obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for our offices in the United Kingdom and North America.

ISO 9001:2015 is rooted in quality management values that ensure the highest standards are adhered to and continuously maintained throughout the organisation.

These include seven main principles that encompass our dedicated focus on our clients and their needs, our belief in the value of the contribution of every member of the team and the importance of their role within G&L Scientific.

The certification also recognises the significance of continuous improvement as a permanent objective at G&L Scientific and our ability to make effective decisions using careful analysis of data and information.

CEO of G&L Scientific, Stephen Loughrey, says the achievement underscores the dedication to excellence that permeates the organisation.

“At G&L Scientific, quality underpins everything we do, and we are delighted this has been recognised with this prestigious ISO 9001 certification.

“We are firmly focused on implementing robust quality management systems that ensure the delivery of quality services and maintain constant improvements that don’t just meet the expectations of everyone we work with but far exceed them.

“I am delighted that we have achieved this certification, and my thanks go to everyone within the team who has helped make this possible.”

For further information contact:

Jonathan Walmsley
T: 0203 143 2195

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