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Change Management and Delivery

The world is developing at a very fast pace and our G&L Insight Advisory Practice team actively embrace and welcome change, its complexities, and its challenges.

We believe that the management and delivery of Regulatory change when developed, directed, and implemented correctly, makes the business and its environment better for everyone.

That said, we do not pursue change simply for the sake of it.

Instead, we use good practice and common sense, gathered through decades of working in the Regulatory Affairs industry, to carefully plan, deliver and communicate change that brings tangible benefits to everyone involved.

Through our extensive experience managing projects for clients of all sizes throughout the world, we have developed finely-honed templates, processes and skills that ensure our clients’ expectations and outcomes are met in the most efficient and stress-free manner possible.

Setting the right course – strategy and purpose

It may sound like a cliché, but that age-old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” could not be truer when it comes to change management.

Planning is at the heart of everything that G&L does.

By clearly mapping out our proposed methods and path for preparing for the unexpected, we leave no stone unturned, or any potential scenario unvisited.

To maintain progress throughout the change process, we continually revisit risks throughout it to avoid unwanted surprises.

These include tangible and intangible factors including human impact and motivation as, all too often, how these are managed can dictate success or failure.

When planning for change we have one simple question that we always ask – ‘why?’

To execute quality change management, we believe that stakeholders need to know what is motivating it, why it is required, and what is the intended impact.

The ‘why’ must be articulated, agreed upon, and shared for change management to be successful, while the purpose of the change must be evident throughout the process.

Communicating change

Clear communication lies at the heart of successful change.

We believe that throughout any period of adjustment, lines of communication must be open, straightforward, easy to understand and should cascade throughout the organization.

For this to happen, management buy-in is essential.

With this in place, clear communication will encourage everyone involved to take ownership of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Unity within the team allows it to respond to uncertainty more effectively and to be more agile and flexible in reaching a successful outcome for everyone.

Accompanying this will be the establishment of measurable targets that ensures all stakeholders have defined milestones to work to as the program works towards its ultimate goals.

Managing delivery against expectations

We know trust is imperative for successful change management programs.

By communicating regularly and openly, reinforcing important messaging, and successfully delivering goals, G&L Insight is a trusted partner for every client we work with.

While there is some merit in ‘quick wins’ we believe delivery must be sustainable and realistic throughout a project and always remember that while momentum can drive action, it can be easily undone by not hitting an unrealistic target delivery date.

We advocate communicating the context of the progress being made – early in the program to reaffirm the scale of the task, in the middle when difficulties may be encountered, and at the end to demonstrate the journey the organization has gone on.

Success should be celebrated!

The right resources and skills

Significant change is difficult to achieve in a part-time capacity.

At G&L, we facilitate and are motivated by, successful change, by working with our clients in tandem with their needs, goals, and capacities.

We provide a range of services and functions to help businesses improve through direct project management, providing a Project Management Office, or simply tracking progress.

Good decision-making capability is integral to regulatory change management and delivery.

The right decisions, at the right level, at the right time, make a massive difference to a smooth program of change.

With this in mind, we recommend setting expectations and governance at the beginning and regularly revisiting them throughout the transition period.

Just as important as resources, is having the right skills for the job in place.

A lack of skills or competencies can cause demotivation or even completely derail a program.

To avoid this, coaching on change management, dealing with change, or with a new process is a vital part of all program management activities undertaken by the G&L Insight Advisory Practice team.

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