G&L Scientific responds to further developments in the race to find a Covid vaccine

G&L Scientific CEO, Stephen Loughrey, has responded to today’s news of further developments in the race to find a Covid vaccine.

“The fight against Covid-19 has stepped up another gear with the announcement by Moderna that its vaccine is potentially 95 per cent effective.

“This is hot on the heels of last week’s news that a further preparation by Pfizer and BioNTech has preliminary results showing 90 per cent protection from the virus and they are hoping to have it in circulation before the end of the year.

“Meanwhile, Johnson and Johnson’s subsidiary Janssen, has commenced a major trial of their Covid vaccine, which will see 30,000 people eventually recruited to take part in the tests.

“These are all steps in the right direction as research continues into how to curb the spread of the virus. However, while the results are encouraging and very welcome, it remains imperative that we approach this process and the reporting of breakthroughs with a healthy degree of cautiousness.

“Currently, over 150 coronavirus vaccines are being developed around the world, with 12 in the final stages of testing. All these firms are aiming to bring their product to market in record time and mitigate the greatest threat to global health in living memory.

“To say the eyes of the world are firmly focused on any and every update or sign of progress in the fight against Covid is no understatement, especially as social restrictions continue, businesses falter and waiting lists for other health concerns grow.

“Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance are essential components in bringing any new product or device to market. They are rigorous, thorough and take time to complete.

“The appetite for a vaccine is immense and understandably so, but we must get the right one rather than a fast one. Clinical data, thorough research and stringent regulation, will be key in the production of the safest and most effective outcome for all.

“As science attempts to deal with the virus that has swept the globe and been responsible for almost 1.5 million deaths in just 12 months, these checks and balances will be more important than ever to ensure the most effective and safe vaccines are made available to the public.

“Conversely, it remains essential that we do not allow Covid and the fight to deal with it, let us lose sight of the continued need to pursue vital research, product development and treatments to contend with the existing health concerns so many are facing.”

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