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Mergers, Acquisitions, and Regulatory Due Diligence

At G&L Insight Advisory Practice, we take a systematic approach to the review process for organizational assessment in the context of Mergers, Acquisitions and due diligence activity.

We see the rate of M&A activity increasing with many companies making at least one or more acquisitions or significant partnership investments in a calendar year. Consequently, the need to manage integration in a timely and efficient manner ensures that deal value is not eroded.

Research shows a frequent and systematic approach to M&A yields success over other business strategies.

Regulatory Affairs function integration is arguably most important in the deal value as management of the acquired asset must be realized through careful stewardship and maximizing the resource capabilities of all parties.

We support clients with an objective perspective of the acquiring company and the acquired Regulatory Affairs function through in-depth knowledge and often direct experience with one or other of the parties. As a result, rapid assessment of capabilities, gap analysis, and risk analysis can be conducted. We support you with job role assessment and organization design to integrate the acquired resources.

In the event of capability gaps, we provide tactical guidance and hands-on support to resolve the short-term needs while you work on the medium- to long-term fixes. This can include staff augmentation, (planned) project outsourcing or permanent recruitment.

In Mergers, Acquisitions, and Regulatory Due Diligence support, our services include:

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