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People Strategy in Regulatory Affairs

A shifting environment, organizational structure change and complexity, as well as the changing role of a Regulatory Affairs department, are all key components in managing the most important element of your business – the people who work there.

Organizational strategic objectives must include the requirements for people (human capital) including specific initiatives, desired business outcomes, and the values by which the system should operate.

Only from an understanding of the strategy can the needs of your organization be determined in terms of desired competencies across the regulatory function and the gaps which facilitate open positions and opportunities for development.

Regardless of the technological advances in systems and automation, Regulatory Affairs remains a people-driven industry.

G&L Insight Advisory Practice believes employees (your regulatory affairs talent) must be viewed as employer ‘customers’ and are just as important as your internal or external partners.

With this in mind, key motivating factors, development planning, and career management must be considered as strategically important to the Regulatory Affairs department alongside delivering other objectives.

It also ensures a ‘job family’ can be managed by design rather than by default and so internal equity, consistency in approach, and expectation management are positively impacted.

In matching the needs of the organization with the individual needs and desires, the regulatory function can be much better aligned and have an improved chance of sustainable success. Development planning for the department and the individual are now synergistic.

For organizations that deliver growth through acquisition, the process of integration is far easier if the strategic design process is carried out ahead of time.

An alternative approach is to use the M&A process to drive a fresh and holistic review for the ‘new’ organization. That is, should the strategic objectives of the new organization change, the human capital element should be considered to reflect it.

Our services include:

• Strategic objective development
• Functional job family design
• Competency modelling and frameworks
• Harmonization and job leveling
• Job descriptions and related documentation
• Training and development frameworks

To ensure there is constant alignment with systems and pay structures, we always work closely with HR business partners.

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