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Contract Staffing

At G&L, we recognise the various benefits of using contract staffing and have developed a service that allows clients to rapidly adjust staff levels up and down when required, leaving them to focus on their core competencies.

It’s a given that our consultants must have the technical expertise to work on any client project, but we also acknowledge the importance of ensuring that the consultants provided must have a solid, cultural fit with the client’s existing team. This allows us to provide the right resource, with the right level of experience and expertise to work seamlessly as part of our client’s team.

This resource can be based either at the client’s premises or on a remote basis, for a short-term assignment to meet a tight deadline, or to provide long-term assistance on a business-critical project.

With over 20 years’ experience, G&L’s Resource Management Team has a deep understanding of the technical requirements of the industry and can tailor a bespoke service based on all your requirements.

Get in touch with our dedicated resourcing team today for more information or click on Find a Consultant to search for your ideal consultant(s).

“We would like to extend our contract to continue our relationship with you for ongoing regulatory support. Your services are so appreciated. We are also in a position where additional support in other regulatory areas may be needed.” US biotech company.

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